The best Christmas gift | Letter to the editor

At about 11 a.m. on Dec. 20, I was involved in a motor vehicle accident at intersection of Northeast Union Hill Road and Avondale Road.

You — a very, very kind woman, a stranger — stood outside my car in the rain trying to offer support to me as I was on the phone communicating location and my situation to dispatchers of both police and medics.

I rolled down the window and tried to talk but there was so much noise inside the car and outside I couldn’t focus well.

You, this lovely angel in a turquoise puff jacket, waited and waited patiently in the pouring rain. You wanted to know if you should continue to stay with me.

Thank you so much for the kindness I’m sorry I couldn’t respond to you but your caring means so much.

I was released to home from hospital later that day.

One of the best Christmas gifts ever is your kindness and caring. I suspect somehow we are neighbors in the Redmond community. Blessings of the season on you and on your family. I am sending a hug out into the universe.

Pam Madison