Vote to re-elect Siri Bliesner | Letter

I am so grateful to have Siri Bliesner representing our children and families on the Lake Washington School District school board and I am voting for her to continue. As the district has rapidly grown to one of the largest in the state, she has remained a child-centered board member who thoughtfully works to keep our schools connected to kids, helping all students of all learning levels to reach their personal potential.

She works tirelessly, building connections between our district and local community organizations, not just PTAs, but civic organizations around the county and state, so that our schools can be an integral part of their communities. Where there are people gathering to support children or the community, you will find Siri, volunteering, participating, listening and learning.

She isn’t afraid to look at everything the district and board does and ask hard questions: Why are we doing this? Is there a better way to accomplish this same goal? Can we do better? How can we best support our students?

Siri’s knowledge and experience are very much needed at this time in our district with the recent change in superintendent, always changing state funding and law, and ever expanding enrollment.

Judy East